Scandinavian Flick Pt.2 EP / Carizma032

Scandinavian Flick Pt.2 EP / A-Inc / Carizma 032

01. Peninsula Run
02. Peninsula Run (Fer BR Remix)
03. Calumet Pass
04. Calumet Pass (Moa Remix)

Release Date: 30th May 2012

Released by: Carizma
Release/catalogue number: carizma032
Release date: May 30, 2012

ディスコテクノレーベルCARIZMAよりA-INCが再び登場! 緻密なサウンドワークを武器にドイツ UKなど多数のレーベルからリリースする彼のCARIZMAにおけるアッパートラックシリーズ「Scandinavian Flick」第2弾!トロピカルなムードでハイテンションに盛り上げるファンキーテックハウスが2曲。さらにUMEK率いるテクノレーベル「1605」からのリリースでも知られるスペインのファンクマスターFer BR、 CARIZMAオーナーのMOAによるリミックスも収録!

A-INC will return on Japanese Techno Label CARIZMA . The series of Scandinavian Flick is his upplifting works on this label, made with his great soundworks. These two tech-house tracks has full of Funky & Tropical atmosphere.’Scandinavian Flick Pt.2 EP’ will appear on 30, May, 2012. This release also includes two remixes. One by Fer BR, known as releasing from many important techno labels, 1605 Music Theraphy, Hz Trax and so on. The other track by MOA who is the owner of CARIZMA and the popular Japanese techno/house DJ.