Contigo No, Bicho EP / Pablo Akaros / Intoxik Digital 013

Contigo No, Bicho EP / Pablo Akaros / Intoxik Digital 013


01: Contigo No Bicho
02: Lastima (A-Inc Remix)
03: Lastima

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Label: Intoxik
Release Date: July 20, 2009
Store: Beatport

Always a sucker for keeping the ball rolling well into the wee hours of the (club)night, PABLO AKAROS is entering epic territory with these two new cuts:CONTIGO NO BICHO is an euphoric tsunami,threateningly building up on the outer corners of the horizon with electro-metallic palpitations before anthemically rolling over you with waves
of staccato-strings and hypnotically funky fingerclicks.
LASTIMA takes the concept even further, grooving on a galaxy of micro-cuts and a sexy sub-bass for ten seductively simmering minutes. Counterpointing these galactic
dimensions, Japanese tech house champion AKIRA ISHIHARA weaves a crisp corset of blissfull beats around these elements, playfully reversing some of them and relentlessly pushing others to the fore ? no wonder Ricardo Villalobos and Jay Haze are rooting for this man.

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